Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whale Watching!

The US Embassy extended an invitation to go whale watching on their boat today. I told them I'd need some time to think about it, paused, and then said "DEFINITELY YES!"

Here's our kids along with a couple other of the crew.

In the distance we could see the whales! Water spouting out from their blow holes and other whales actually leaping completely into the air! It was an awesome sight!

Due to the delay time on our camera, it was difficult to actually catch them in the act of jumping or the cool shot where they flip their tail. This is my best shot. Enjoy!

I was told that they needed me in the back for stability purposes. I always new I had a stabilizing affect! ...and a glowing personality!
Notice my long sleeved under armor shirt. It was chilly that day!

After some whale watching, we found a remote beach and stopped for a potluck lunch. It was a fun afternoon of making new friends (about 20 were on the boat), snacking, reading, long walks on the beach, and just hanging out.

We'd like to thank all you tax payers for footing the bill on the US Embassy's boat! We had a great time! God bless America!

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