Saturday, January 3, 2009

Momm Didn't Raise No Fool!

The Rose Bowl was actually on our satelite television! We just got it as a Christmas gift. We had no idea that it would happen, but... it was a Christmas miracle!

Too bad the Nittany Lions didn't get their Christmas Miracle and do well during the game. I guess it was nice that PSU kept USC to only one touchdown in the second half and then scored more points in the second half than any other team against USC this season. However... all those penalties and poor defense did them in. It was about 3am when the game was finally over here. A little bit of a bummer... I was the only one who stayed up for all of it. Joey and Sam hit the sack at halftime.

The water service has been terrible lately. Rumor has it that workers are on strike. When the water IS on, we try to do as much laundry, take showers, and wash as many dishes as we can. We also fill up as many containers as possible for later. However, the water service may only come on from around 11pm to about 3am, so this means many late nights. But, we're thankful when it's on and we've actually had a couple of afternoons when it surprised us and came on. We keep our shower turned on so that we can hear running water to alert us to jump into action.

One night when it turned on, I sprang into action to wash up some dishes. I stopped up the sink, turned on the hot water, added liquid soap, and then turned to make some instant coffee to help me kick it into hi gear. When I turned back to the sink, the water was scalding and I adjusted the temperature. However, there was way too much scalding water in the sink and I felt that it would a sin to just let it drain when water is at a high premium. So, knowing that we needed some water to put into our filter to give us our drinking water, I thought that I could kill two birds with two stones and put the scalding water into the filter. "Of course!", I thought... "What a genious I am!" ... momma didn't raise no fool.

So carefully, I took a bowl and, using a corner of the sink with the least amount of suds, I carefully drained scalding water out of the sink and transferred the water into the top of the stainless steel filter next to the sink. After several transfers, I was able to refill the sink with colder water and get the temperture back to a more usable condition. All this confirmed to me that I have been endowed with an intellect beyond compare.

Pride goeth before...? Ah yes, down from the heights I came, later, when, while attempting to use the filtered water to fill all our water bottles, realized that the filter had not done away with the soap in the water but had, instead, seemingly made bubbles multiply in the process! So, two days later and gallons of filtered water latere, we are still getting bubbles in our water! Well... didn't moms and dads use soap to help with behavior modification? Perhaps that's just what we all needed... or, perhaps, just me.

So, that's life lately.

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