Friday, September 5, 2008

Embassy Auction

So, this past June, while we were finishing up language school in France, we sent 3 footlockers to Gabon, via ship, from the next town over, Chambery. I was told that we were pioneering- at no time in recent memory has anyone sent footlockers to Gabon in anything but a full container bound for the C&MA missionary effort there. So, here we are, about 2 and 1/2 months later, and we're told that our stuff from France might be at the port, but perhaps not ready for pickup. The folks at the port are wanting to make sure that we have all the paperwork together. The problem is that my paperwork was lost when one of my computers "crashed" at the beginning of the summer. So, I've tried to come up with my best memory of what was in each container.
I think the other shipment (40 rubbermaid containers sent the end of July from the states- VA) is due somewhere in the middle of September.
The homeschooling is going well- I'm so proud of Alace and Cheryl! The first day was pretty full- a little longer than planned, but each day is going better and better. The young woman coming to assist might be here in October. She's still working out the support that she needs. She will be a great help.
The NISSAN Patrol is doing OK. I was really bummed when the problems started. Glad to find out it's just an injection/air filter thing. I purchased some filters and it's running well now. Hopefully no more excitement out of it for a while.
Today we went to the American Embassy's warehouse where they will have an auction tomorrow morning. Today you could go and check it out. It was mainly furniture from former embassy workers' homes, however, I have my eyes on a filing cabinet!!! I get excited about filing cabinets. The problem is, you have to purchase a "lot", not just one particular item. So, to buy the particular filing cabinet that I'm looking at, you must purchase a long wall desk thing. I don't particularly want that, however, maybe I can chat with another person who would want to buy it off of my after I purchase the lot.
Arnie says that the pricing at these auctions can get way out of control. People will purchase things at outragious prices just knowing that its' former owners were American's. That's interesting. We'll let you know how it goes.

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