Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Upcoming Flights


Dat: Trajet: Départ: Arrivé:

25 Sep Lébamba à Libreville 10h00 11h45

26 Sep Libreville à Lébamba 12h00 13h45

02 Oct Lébamba à Lamberéné 09h00 10h00

02 Oct Lamberéné à Lébamba 10h15 11h15

08 Oct Lébamba à Libreville 10h00 11h45

12 Oct Libreville à Lébamba 10h00 11h45

25 Oct Lébamba à Lamberéné 14h00 15h00

29 Oct Lamberéné à Libreville 12h00 12h45

30 Oct Libreville à Yaoundé 11h00 13h00

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Covid Negative!


Thank you for your prayers!  The official tests are back and we're officially virus free!  Thank you for your prayers.  We've just sent out an update to supporters which you can see by CLICKING HERE.