Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Airplane Tour in PA!

We will be on a quick tour of central PA, August 18-21.  Here is our program:

Saturday the 18th: 
9am-4:30pm @ Smoketown Airport (Directions) as part of the aviation fair (see promo)

Sunday the 19th: 
1pm-4pm @ Smoketown Airport
5pm-9pm @ Selinsgrove Airport (Directions)- we will be at "Energy Aviation"

Monday the 20th:
9am to noon @ Selinsgrove Airport
5pm-9pm @ University Park Airport, State College (Directions)- at "PSU Aviation Center"

Tuesday the 21st:
9am to noon @ University Park Airport, State College

We invite everyone to come and visit us and take a tour of one of our mission aircraft that has been specifically modified for our work.  It will be an "open house" style- come and go during these times as you would like.  We hope to see you there!!!

PK-27 Airstrip Construction Continues

Here is a quick video of some time-lapse of our July 2018 efforts to finish the "deforestation" phase of the airport construction.  (more photos and stories to follow)

Pray for Trafficked African Children

In Gabon, a relatively wealthy African country, there are, sadly, many trafficked children.  The national Alliance church reaches out to at-risk children, like these, to offer them a home, an education, and spiritual formation, under the care of Pastor Israel and his wife, Natalie.  Their house, typical full with about 50 children, is called Hope House.

In this blog, you've heard about the Hope House several times.  Alace and I have been a part of supporting this ministry for a decade.  Perhaps you've heard about one of the Hope House children, Henricka, who wants to become a pilot (www.wings4Africa.org).   We really love all the kids and ask you to pray for them and consider supporting them through a monthly or one-time donation through our friends at E4 Project (http://www.e4project.org/programs/hope-house/).

The PK-27 project (social works campus), where we are partnering with the national Alliance church to build an airstrip, will provide a permanent home for the Hope House children.

Here is a recent news report that highlights the issue of child trafficking in Gabon: