Monday, May 1, 2017

Bongolo Eye Clinic Story

Let me introduce you to Jean.  

Jean’s wife died 2-3 years ago, and then Jean went blind in both eyes from cataracts.  

His village thought that he went blind because he must have somehow been responsible for his wife’s death; his blindness was taken as proof.  (In the local culture, people often look for spiritual causes of physical problems.)  

It has really bothered him that others say this about him.  

When Jean arrived at Bongolo, we took out the cataracts in both of his eyes, and he can see clearly now.  

He is looking forward to going back to his village and showing them that he is healed, since that will convince them that he wasn’t responsible for his wife’s death after all.  He will be accepted by them again.  

He also has decided to receive Jesus as his savior because he is so thankful for what Jesus did for him here at Bongolo.   (story submitted by Eric H.)