Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bongolo Airport drainage repairs

With heavy African rains comes the need for upkeep on drainage 
A backhoe isn't the ideal piece of equipment for the earth-moving, but we had been in search for other equipment for over a year with no luck.

There are many projects, like this one, where we need some extra hands to pitch in.  Interested in a short term work trip to Gabon?  Drop us a line via email to Steve Straw, program manager-

RE-Connecting: Visit to Bedford Community Church (NY)

We had a wonderful visit with a very welcoming and generous
church- Bedford Community Church in Bedford Hills, NY, last weekend, November 8 & 9.  The church has a great relationship with work in Gabon- 2 short term teams have visited over the recent years, and Pastor Kelvin has come to connect on 3 different occasions.  They also are a key church for coordinating Operation Christmas Child gift boxes.  Some of them have met Pastor Jean Marc, the local coordinator of distribution of those boxes in Gabon!

We started off Saturday morning with a delicious breakfast at the local Holiday Inn.  After giving an overview of our program (Aviation Medicale de Bongolo) and an update on our family, we had a time of Q & A.

On Sunday, we were given the opportunity to speak during both morning worship services and Sunday school classes.

We are blessed to have connections with faith communities like BCC- they stand with us on this journey in a support role that makes our work possible.

Our next "RE-Connection" at State College Alliance Church:

If you can't make that, here are some other engagements in 2015:

JAN 25- Jersey Shore, PA (Mountain View Alliance)

FEB 01- Williamsport, PA (Faith Alliance)
FEB 07- (Sat.) Alace @ Lancaster C&MA
FEB 22- Bloomsburg/Danville, PA  (C&MA)
FEB 27- (Fri.) Mt. Nittany School chapel (State College)

MAR 1- Boalsburg, PA  (St. College Berean Baptist)
MAR 8- Hellam, PA  (ValleyView Alliance)
MAR 29- Portage, PA (Martindale Alliance Church)

APR 12-15- Plainville, MA (Plainville Baptist Church)
APR 18,19  Harrisburg, PA (1st Alliance Church)

MAY 03- Coalport, PA (Alliance Gospel Tabernacle)
MAY 31  C&MA Council, CA

JUN 27 – JUL 14 –TX TOUR (TBA)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bongolo Hospital- Eye Clinic News

A recent story of Restoration... relational, physical, spiritual.

(from Eric & Wendy H.)
Here is Antoine, a 59 year-old man who came to Bongolo from 2 days away.  He had been blind in both eyes and had been forsaken by all his coworkers and many friends.  Additionally, he had been estranged from his daughter because he didn’t approve when she came to Christ some years ago.  

For this trip, he came back in contact with his daughter and she agreed to accompany him to Bongolo.  He was operated in both eyes for cataracts and now sees very clearly in both eyes.  He said, “It’s like a dream.  No one will believe it when I get home.”  

His relationship with his daughter was restored and, as many other patients do (about 4 per day),  he responded to the Gospel message and decided to follow Jesus as his Savior.