Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

National Newspaper Coverage!!!

If your French language skills are working well for you, then you'll really enjoy reading this article that the major Gabonese national newspaper, "L"Union", has written covering the Bongolo Hospital and our aviation services.  If your French is lacking, then you'll enjoy the photos- the airplane is pictured twice at the end of the article, so scroll down.  Enjoy!
  L'Union Article

Bongolo Fire Truck- Aerial Photos

We were flying from the Bongolo Hospital back to Libreville on the day that Bongolo's rebuilt 1975 Mack Pumper Truck was making it's way down the national highway.

About 100 miles out of Libreville, the Fire Truck came upon a damaged bridge where large trucks were being rerouted onto a ferry across the Komo river.

We found the truck, about 9th or 10th in line, waiting for the ocean tide to rise and ferry service to resume.

Paul, the physical plant director at Bongolo, was leading the fire truck with his silver Nissan Patrol and our new friend, and Jack-of-all-trades, Jon C. (from CBN- Africa) was driving the truck.  Jon was a former fireman (among many other things).  Paul's intern, Josh (from NY), was also part of the "fire brigade".
No- this pic was not from out the airplane window!  Paul sent this one to me of the fire truck loaded on the ferry, set to cross the Komo.

Finally, after two days of driving about 35 mph with a failing transmission gasket, they arrived at Bongolo Hospital!  Paul has written up a full story- I'll try and find a way to include it below, somehow.

The fire truck will be a program all to its' own- training locals in emergency response for the hospital as well as surrounding communities.

Thanks to Joela, we have these last three photos from the arrival party!  Perhaps this is a future fireman?

The Original Bongolo Fire Brigade!  Well done gents!

Fire Truck Trip2

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Passengers

We got a great letter of endorsement from a recent passenger.  If you email me, I'll tell you how much I paid him for this...

"It is with the greatest enthusiasm that I offer this endorsement of Air Calvary, a ministry conceived, developed, and superbly managed by Steve Straw based in Libreville, Gabon, W. Central Africa.

Dr. Jon (aka. "Jack") is on the left in his shades!

I have been the beneficiary of this flight ministry on 2 occasions, having been transported to and from Bongolo Hospital in order to teach general surgery residents in the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) there. The personel and equipment transportation is absolutely vital to the PAACS mission, and provides both an expeditious and timely service for those of us committed to teaching there on a regular basis.

Steve, along with the support of his family, demonstrates his obedience to God’s call; he is both professionally competent and personally encouraging. Additionally, this service provides a much more efficient method of transportation; saving us two full days of additional travel (by land), allowing more time for the ministry in Bongolo, and thereby reducing our fatigue.

I am looking forward to the next trip!

Jon R. Ewig, DDS
Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon"

See all the pictures from the flight that Dr. Ewig was on:  CLICK HERE