Sunday, January 23, 2022

Story- Born With Cataracts

Story from our Ophthalmologist, Dr. Wendy H.

Meet Maman Mossinga and her grandson Gabriel, 4 years old. 

Maman Mossinga says that every day Gabriel would eat with his food about 3 inches from his eyes- he couldn’t see due to the cataracts he was born with.  

Her husband is handicapped and not working, and maman Mossinga spends her days cultivating crops. She worried that at her age she would not be able to raise a blind child.  

Through donations that Bongolo Hospital received, we were able to remove Gabriel’s cataracts. Mossinga says, “The words escape me.  I danced, I praised the Lord!” 

What’s really fun, though, is to watch Gabriel. While speaking with his grandmother for about 10 minutes, he never stopped looking all over the place, fascinated by everything there was to see.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

2022 Family Update

Happy New Year everyone, from our side of the Atlantic.

Our participation in the important work, here in Gabon, only happens because you are standing with us with encouragement, friendships, prayers, visits, financial support, and more.  We are grateful for this privilege to join with you and our international teammates, here, to bless others with the love of God!  We hope you are all doing well and experiencing God's presence in your lives through such a challenging time worldwide.

A short family update:

Gram, Laura, Joe

Our first born, Joe, and Laura, his wife, are living in Chicago where they both work full time with Moody Bible Institute and are in leadership roles at their church in Chinatown- the neighborhood next to where they live. They were able to spend some extended time in Ohio with Alace's mom for the holidays (see photo).  In their home we have two grand-kitties, Berlioz and Toulouse.

Our middle kiddo, Megan and hubby John, live just a 10 minute walk from Joe and Laura!  Megan is finishing up her university degree as full time student while holding down a barista job, while John is full time at an international marketing company.  They have also been active in a church in their neighborhood and Megan just started an internship at World Relief, serving the growing refugee population in the Chicago area.  We also have a grand-kitty in their house, Xavi.

Sam's roommate, Hyato, on the left and friend, Jessica on the right.
Our youngest, Sam, is in Taiwan teaching English.  He is active in his church and making new friends. Travel restrictions had put this chapter of life on hold for quite awhile, but he was persistent and it paid off! He enjoys international life and is growing through all the challenges of "adulting"!

Being so far apart as a family is easily the most challenging part of life, but we are so thankful for technology so that we can video call regularly.  

We are so proud of our children and very very blessed!!!

We pray that the new year finds you all well and sensing God's presence along the journey.  We look forward to hearing your updates and we are praying for you.  Love, Steve and Alace

Monday, January 17, 2022

Nairobi- More Progress!


Now that the wing is painted, it's time for re-attachment!

Airplanes fly better with both wings- they taught me that at the university.

Dan and Caleb get the control surfaces attached and properly rigged.

Happy technicians, Dan and Emmanuel!  Well done guys!


Engine Work!

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Friday, January 14, 2022

2022 FOCUS

Due to many factors, costs are sky-rocketing in this part of the world.  

ONLY WITH YOUR TEAMWORK will the plans for 2022 move foreword.  

Will you consider assisting with the following items?


This cost has almost DOUBLED since our last airport inspection. We have appealed for a reduction in costs, but have been denied. 

2. FLIGHT PERMIT RENEWALS  -  $4250        Another cost that has dramatically increased. 


In the spring, the Cessna 207 is undergoing Critical upgrades and repairs then will move from Nairobi and into service in Gabon. In July we'll install new avionics.

6. SUPPORT VEHICLE  -                   $36,700

Our goal is for a new, 4 door, Toyota Hilux. Our current Isuzu DMAX is on limited duty- it's served well, but now it's time for a solid, long-term replacement.

WOW! For over 15 years GENEROUS people like YOU have kept this small program active! Please consider assisting our 2022 to be a GREAT YEAR!  Email me at to let me know if you'd like your donation to be earmarked for a particular item, otherwise it will be applied to the most pressing need.  THANK YOU!




Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Gabon Shipping Container Update

 Thank You for your Interest in the Gabon Shipping Container!

For the latest set of instructions and details, please Send your request to,

Nairobi Airplane Update


Visiting teammate, Dan (from JAARS, US), puts on new paint on the bottom of the left wing where the old Zambian registration decal once resided.

Visiting teammate, Emmanuel (from SIL-Cameroon), prepares to remove the old registration from the tail.

Voila! It's magically gone! Standby for the new US registration.  

Emmanuel also updated the tail logo.  "EACMG" is the acronym for the Christian & Missionary Alliance organization of churches in Gabon- "Églises Alliance Chrétienne et Missionnaire du Gabon".