Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Aviation Mentorship LAUNCH!

This month marks the start of the "ALPHA" mentorship group!  Henricka, a young Gabonese woman (some of you know her story) is now being mentored by Cornelia, an American who is in Libreville due to her work assignment.  Cornelia is studying to become a pilot and has already soloed, however, Gabon lacks the flight instruction she needs to continue at this time (see my recent post about the need of a Certified Flight Instructor intern!).

They are using an online teaching tool developed by a former mission pilot in Kenya, Barry King, who is now investing in the lives of new aviators online and at Blue Ridge Community College.  He already has two young adults from Africa in a higher, on-line certificate-level program- one which Henricka may qualify for down the road.

Sharing aviation magazines with Henricka in 2012

Our family first met Henricka about a decade ago on our visits to the Hope House- a home for at-risk children in the capital city of Libreville.  She made it clear that she'll be the next pilot for our program! 

June 2012- Henricka as my co-pilot, going to the dentist in Bongolo.
This young woman does not give up on her dreams!

Thanks for supporting our work!  We are busy translating more courses into French and can't wait to share with you where this goes from here, by God's grace.


Aviation Task Force!

On May 1st, ten fellow believers met in the capital city of Libreville to share their hearts on how we can join God's plan for individuals and communities to flourish, first spiritually, and then in practical ways.

Topics discussed: Agriculture, Conservation, Environmental, and Health... all supported by
aviation.  One idea now on the table is a quarterly, mobile equipping event, alternating provinces (9 in Gabon) that touches on all the above topics.  

Also, the group is ready to re-launch the aviation club, called "Aviation Générale du Gabon"!  You can find the group on facebook and read some of my past blogs, like THIS ONE.

Next meeting in about 6 weeks!!!