Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bongolo Eye Clinic News

Incredible things happen at the Bongolo Hospital Eye Clinic quite often.  Here are a couple recent events:
(from teammate, Eric H.:  "Eye clinic construction has now begun in earnest, and the metal frame construction is well under way (see picture).  We praise God for the volunteers He has provided (including Paul, our head of maintenance!) to help with this project, and for USAID who gave the grant money."

"Here is Henri.  He is one of the patients we found during the village outreach to Nzoundou.  He is mentally handicapped and when we found him, he was sitting in the dark, alone in the dirt-floor house, doing nothing because he was blind in both eyes from cataracts.  It took us awhile to be able to arrange general anesthesia for him, but we did it this week and he had the cataracts removed from both eyes.  When we removed the patches, for the first time we saw him smile and even speak.  His mother, who has been his longtime caretaker, was overjoyed."