Thursday, June 25, 2015

AMAZING!!! Update to the Update...


We are so thankful for a generous donation that has covered the remaining need for our ADOPT-A-PROP effort!

I'll update with more specifics about the HARTZELL Scimitar propellor that we'll be purchasing (lighter, less costly to maintain, eliminates repetitive inspections, 7% improvement in climb performance, 2-5 knots increase in cruise speed).

This prop will be purchased soon, then delivered to our container shipment in Cleveland, then overseas delivery to Gabon, departing September.  We hope to have it on the aircraft and spinning away by Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Keep 'em Flying: Part II

In a previous post, I mentioned two opportunities for the aviation work in Gabon (AMB).  Here are a couple of updates:

1. AVGAS:  Out of nowhere, we were offered a chance to purchase 40 drums of 100 low-lead aviation fuel for an unheard of price (about $7 a gallon).  The drums are ALREADY IN GABON!  They got through customs and, as soon as the funds are wired, they're ours!  This will give us enough stock of fuel to last well into the second half of 2016.

So... it appears that the funding is coming together and the transaction could happen this coming week!  After that, we'll arrange the transport of the drums to our hangar at Bongolo and be good to go!

2.  PROPELLER:  We have heard a couple rumblings of those that are interested in assisting on this, but nothing 100% sure.  Please keep praying that the funding will happen and we can make the purchase and get the prop onto the September 1st container in OHIO bound for Gabon.  Read more about the propeller need by CLICKING HERE.

Friday, June 19, 2015

(Video) Our Good Friend Carolyn

This is a great video from the sending church of our wonderful friend, Carolyn, whom we served with for years in Gabon, prior to her retirement this year.  Enjoy!