Friday, January 16, 2015

On The Road Again!

We hope to see YOU sometime in 2015 before we return to Africa (late July).  Check out our speaking dates for our nearest visit in your area:

JAN 25- Jersey Shore, PA (Mountain View Alliance)

FEB 01- Williamsport, PA (Faith Alliance)
FEB 07- Lancaster, PA (women's event at Lancaster C&MA)
FEB 22- Bloomsburg/Danville, PA  (C&MA)
FEB 27- State College, PA (Mt. Nittany School chapel)

MAR 01- Boalsburg, PA  (St. College Berean Baptist)
MAR 08- Hellam, PA (ValleyView Alliance Church)
MAR 22- Spring Grove, PA (SG Area C&MA Church)
MAR 29- Portage, PA (Martindale Alliance Church)

APR 12-15- Plainville, MA ... yep!  MASS! (Plainville Baptist Church)
APR 18,19- Harrisburg, PA (1st Alliance Church)
APR 26- Harrison Valley, PA (C&MA Church)
APR 28- State College, PA (Alliance Church "Prime Timer's" meeting)

MAY 03- Coalport, PA (Alliance Gospel Tabernacle)
MAY 10- York, PA (York Alliance Church)
MAY 17- Plumsteadville, PA (Christ Community Church)
MAY 24- Lewistown, PA (Pine Glen C&MA Church)
MAY 31- Long Beach, CA (C&MA Council)

TEXAS Dates - Tentatively late June; early July

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sharing the Headline with Mark Wahlberg

So what if it was section C of a small town newspaper?

Backstory:  So, at the end of every year, TIME magazine honors their "Person of the Year".  This year, it turned out to be the Ebola Caregivers.  When I heard about this news, it reminded me of how thankful I was when I was the one walking into the ER of my local hospital with a mysterious illness having recently returned from Africa.  Yep- that was me, here in York, Pennsylvania, this past June.  It was an interesting experience.

So, I felt prompted to log onto the internet and write a letter to the editor of my local newspaper recounting my situation and how blessed the people of this region of PA are to have dedicated and heroic caregivers as those the TIME magazine are honoring.


A day later, I'm on the phone with one of the newspaper's journalists who picked up the story and wanted to feature it in his weekly column!  Pretty cool.  So, on Friday, December 19, 2014 I shared the headline of the newspaper with actor Mark Wahlberg!  ...okay, okay... it was section C, however, I think you'll agree there is a "cool" factor here.

That's Marky-Mark under the word "Gambler"; it's me under the word "Ebola"

Here is the full article: (hit the + on the magnification to make it readable... located at the bottom of the window)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hangar Visitors... Future Aviators?

From time to time we have some aspiring aviators stop by the hangar for a visit.  Here is a story from Rob, our chief pilot:

Yesterday (12/22), a container of supplies from the US arrived in Bongolo. In addition to many medical supplies and equipment, I received a number of needed parts and equipment for the airplane as well as 16 drums of aviation fuel.  When I took the boxes to the hangar, Jantir who maintains the runway, was cutting the grass. Two of his children were also with him. As I unpacked one box, I found two little teddy bears that my parents had squeezed in the corners - one blue and one pink - just in time for Christmas!