Thursday, May 22, 2014

not quite 100%… but close!

Here is a recent update we published, via email, regarding our funding status:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Roof Over Their Heads- Hope House update


I did some texting with Pastor Israel to get an update.  He gave me some new financial figures a bit higher than expected- mostly due to under estimating material costs and a changing exchange rate (currently 472.821 cfa to 1 US dollar):

ROOFING TIN     780 000 cfa = $1650
WOOD                1 400 000 cfa = $2960
BRICKS                500 000 cfa = $1060
SAND                   200 000 cfa =  $425


LABOR- Pastor Israel would love to do this work with qualified volunteers, but this has been a great struggle to find in the past.  Short term mission teams from abroad have been less frequent, so this resource is in low supply as well.  The cost of labor to do the work, locally, is estimated at 950 000cfa, or $2010 USD.


As you may have seen in the photos, the project consists of two sections, one on top of the other- a 12 meter by 8 meter on top with a 12.6 meter by 7 meter below.


Pastor Israel is very keen to getting the roof up next.  Most all of the walls are in place.


Please pray for the at-risk children of Hope House and Pastor Israel, Mama Natalie, and the other helpers that serve there.  Pray for the provision of this temporary home as well as the plans for their future, permanent home.

Please consider a generous donation to help this current, time sensitive project move forward.  Donations can be made on-line through the C&MA- the link is below.  When you get to the page, simply type in "Hope House" into the blank under "Give to Int'l Workers and Special Projects".  

Thank you!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bongolo Story- The Blind Can See!

Here is a story from this past week from the Bongolo Hospital eye clinic:

Here is a photo of a lady who came here to Bongolo from 2 full days’ drive away.  She had been blind in both eyes for the past 2 years, only being able to tell light from dark.  This is a common story at our eye clinic.  

Her surgery was Tuesday and she was so excited on Wednesday when the patch was removed, she nearly did a little jig. J  She can now see well enough that, if she was in the US, she could pass the vision test to get her driver’s license.  Praise God!