Monday, September 27, 2010

Pics- 27 SEP 2010 flight

Pics- 22 SEP 2010 flight

Dear Family,
I am so thankful for the provision of a "fill-in" airplane for the work, here in Gabon, to continue.
At times, we have questioned the wisdom of basing our operation here in the city of Libreville and not at the hospital. We know there is the expense of city-living, but as we start the operation, there is a great need to be in regular touch with government officials. And now, we have another firm indication of why the Lord has us here- the link to the company that is providing our "backup" aircraft.

Yesterday's flight went so smooth. In just an hour and 25 minutes, we went from the city of Gabon along the Atlantic coast, inland to one of the hardest to reach hospitals in the world! In the aircraft was medication, equipment, and personnel to assist a hospital that ministers to some of the poorest people in central Africa. Since we are weeks into what is turning out to be an annual strike of doctors and nurses at public hospitals, the airplane's arrival with these resources are critical. Resources are running low and the waiting areas of the hospital are filling up! In fact, the eye clinic, that performs over 30 cataract removal procedures per week, had to stop work until this delivery arrived.

It is a true blessing from the Lord that a Belgium agricultural company operating in Central Africa has permitted us to use their Beechcraft Baron twin-engine aircraft at operating cost. It is more expensive, but, as the Lord continues to provide the funds needed, we plan to use it 2 to 3 times a month.

Our aircraft is going through the final steps to start its' journey onto a ship bound for the US and repairs that will last about a year. Please continue your prayers for this work to be done well and in an expidited manner.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work at the Guest House

Project Supervisor- Tozer
You'll notice the large avocado tree- we're trying to save it. The wall directly behind the tree is our upper driveway. That wall will eventually come down, but we think we will be able to work around the tree.

After a nice chat with our neighbors to confirm property lines, we started to extend a wall from our upper parking area to the rear of our property.

Our team mate, Gustave (tank top), is leading the project and doing a great job!

We will eventually use this "ally" for storage of fuel drums for the airplane, as well as a large generator to help during power outages.

Here's the view from our parking lot towards the rear of our property.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Life here continues to be a battle to keep our minds from thinking about the losses in our life- loss of close friendships here; 2 kids at boarding school; our airplane shipping off and more. We know that Jesus is enough... it is difficult to not be overwhelmed. For those of you who are people of prayer, we ask for your intercession.

I had a good meeting with a local pastor this morning who oversees primary medical care through a large church in the city of Libreville. He was also very encouraging and told me that he stood ready to help us. After our discussion, he and I were ready to do some "homework" on behalf of the aviation program. We are so privileged to work with the precious people of Gabon.

Alace has been working with the clinic at the large church in the city. The staff there makes sure that laughter and joking is a big part of what they do as they bless people. She is really enjoying it. They are very patient with us. She had made a decision to give 2 mornings each week to work there, however, she's having so much fun that she's been going every morning! This has been healing for her.

Youth group & adult Bible study- We are re-launching this in mid-October. Pray for the international, English-speaking faith community here. We would love to see this group grow.

Airplane shipment- the airplane is still at the port in Libreville. It is due to leave on or around the 20th of September. I've been told that all is in order. There are still some bills to be paid, but none that will hold up the shipment. Please pray for the aircraft to be expedited on its' way to the US.

Flying to Bongolo! We will be in the air to Bongolo very soon! Next Wednesday (22nd) appears to be the 1st flight since our emergency landing last March! What a blessing that the Lord has opened the door with a fill-in airplane. Please also pray for the company whose airplane we are using- they are making some decisions about their aviation program that will directly affect our program (for better or worse) at a meeting in October.

DOCTOR'S & NURSES STRIKE! The majority of doctors and nurses in Gabon are back on strike. As a result of this almost-yearly strike, the Bongolo Hospital overflows and resources run thin. Just this week we responded for emergency needs for supplies needed for the eye clinic, pediatrics, and more. Without our airplane, delivery of these critically needed medicines becomes very difficult. Please pray for solutions to be found quickly.

ELECTRIC BILL QUADRUPLES! Electricity prices are starting to skyrocket in Libreville. We were sure that when we got the latest bill, there was some mistake. It is 4 times the amount that we had been paying during the 1st half of the year. Please be praying as we approach the electric company to dispute the bill and suggest a malfunctioning meter at our house.

Our two oldest children, Joe and Megan, are really thriving at the Rain Forest Int'l school in Cameroon! Megan has made the senior girls soccer team and both Joe and Megan are in the running club. Continue to pray as they make the transition from home schooling to a classroom setting.

VISA ISSUES: Alace, Sam and I will travel to visit Joe and Meg in Cameroon during their upcoming break at the start of October. We plan to stay there 7 days, however, that visit may be cut short due to visa problems regarding a trip we will take to Kenya on the heels of that trip. Please pray that we don't have to cut our trip to visit Joe and Meg short to resolve these issues.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement during these times. We take the prophet, Isaiah's word's to heart that... "They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength; they will mount up on wings as eagles".

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update- Airplane... Wedding... Flying...

I haven't received word about the container with the airplane in a couple of days. We just gave our agent quite a bit of money the other day and then got word that everything is taken care of. However, I don't have the details on it all. I'll hope to get that tomorrow morning.

Here's the MMS Aviation team departing after
doing a great job getting N207FD containerized.
Dale, Andy, & Paul. Thanks guys!

I performed a wedding on Friday! The first time I pronounced someone man and wife! Then, displaying to everyone that I have a lot of work yet to do on my French, I told the groom that "you may now kiss your husband"! Oh well. Other than that and asking the groom to "put the lamb on her finger"... when I meant to say, "put the RING on her finger". So, I was definitely entertaining. CLICK HERE to see all the photos.Here's the happy couple. This is actually their 3rd wedding-
the prior evening was a 4+ hour "cultural" wedding, then,
just prior to the church wedding, they had they're 2+ hour
"civil" wedding. After church there was a reception and dinner.
The meals were finally served at 10pm and things weren't
done until after 2am. It's all exhausting and expensive!

Then, Saturday AM, I went flying with Egmont in his company's airplane. We were delivering payroll money to their plantations around the country. There were a total of 4 takeoffs and landings. Good times. It was great to be back in the skies over Gabon. We may be able to have a flight down to Bongolo Hospital next week. Let's hope and pray!

Here's the Beechcraft Baron that we flew.