Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Kids Video presentation

Joe, Megan, and Sam have put together a great video about their life in Gabon. Check it out:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Insurance Co's Verdict... so far

Dear everyone,

The insurance company has sent their rep and says that they believe the aircraft is repairable within the terms of our policy coverage. Here are his findings:

No damage observed: Cabin area, wing attach points, gear attach points, all doors close properly, prop, engine, engine mounts

Needs replaced: Right wing, right strut, right landing gear, rear cabin bulkhead and empannage (or repaired)

He was also careful to mention that his inspection was by no means exhaustive. He explained that his findings were from a visual inspection and that a more thorough inspection may reveal hidden damage.

He suggests that we contact a repair facility with our pictures and description of damage to begin getting an idea of the logistics.

While the repairs are going on (a long process- 6 to 12 months), we are seeking out an aircraft, preferrably an N-registered Cessna 206, as a loaner during the repairs. Please pray that we can locate one soon. CLICK HERE to see the photos of the damaged aircraft.

So far, nothing conclusive as to the cause. It acted as though it was running out of fuel, however, we had over 20 gallons in the tanks at the time. We had sumped the tanks quite well prior to flight. Vents were clear.

Hanging with Friends

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update on the Airplane

It's been almost two weeks since the emergency landing. The airplane continues to reside in an old airplane hangar about 100 yards from the accident site. We're waiting for a rep from our insurance company to come and make their evaluation. From there, we'll start to formulate a plan. Here are a couple ideas brewing at the moment:

A) Put aircraft in container; move it to Libreville international airport; do repairs there with a visiting team from the US; find a loaner aircraft to use in the meantime.

B) Put aircraft in container; move it to SIL ha
ngar in Yaounde, Cameroon; do repairs there with a visiting team from the US; find a loaner aircraft to use in the meantime.

C) Put aircraft in container; move it to th
e US; do repairs there with a crew of supporters; find a loaner aircraft to use in the meantime.

A lot will hinge on the findings of the insurance guy and the decision he makes.

At minimum, we'll be looking at a
need of $25,000 to cover our insurance deductible. Please pray that we find these funds quickly.

Updated Presentation Dates

We've added new dates! We now have over 20 presentations slated! We are so thankful for many who are welcoming us to their churches and groups. Here are a few of the new dates:

May 15- a 10:30am brunch at Hillside Church in Armonk, NY

May 19- Coalport C&MA, Coalport, PA

June 20- ValleyView Alliance Church, Hellam, PA

CLICK HERE to see the full schedule.

Friday, April 9, 2010