Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bike Rides in the Snow!

We are getting back to classes after a week and a half break. Alace and myself to our language school and Joey, Megan, and Sam to the French public school- which is their language school. So, PRAY for us as we get back into the routine of things. We are hoping that we recall things from our first semester quickly and build upon it effectively.

Also, Joey and Megan are now being assigned a special period each week for one on one interaction with a french schoolmate in a study hall period. Their school is working very hard to accomodate their language learning, which has been very nice. We are also challenging our kids to balance their time between French speaking friends and English speaking friends. As you can imagine, they naturally gravitate toward the English speakers. Please PRAY with us that they get to know one or two French friends well enough to have them for a sleepover by Christmas.

We've also been challenged with some car problems. This was a very discouraging thing as it happened on the outset of our vacation time, casting a dim light upon the coming days. However, we did salvage some extended time together as a family, chilling out at home, and watching some movies that we borrowed from some other students. Please PRAY that we make wise decisions concerning our transportation needs. Just to give you a flavor of things... today we were made our 3 mile round trip to the schools and back in rain, sleet, and snow!

Also, the Euro is clobbering the Dollar nowadays and that's making our funds thinner and thinner. We're working to make adjustments, but there's only so much we can do. Please PRAY that our needs would be met in a way that would bring glory to our Lord.

We are grateful for all our praying supporters. Thank you for this crucial teamwork with us